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East Cheshire and Stockport
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Where we screen

Screening for Cheshire women takes place at our static unit at Macclesfield District General Hospital, and mammography for Stockport women is performed on the mobile screening unit. The mobile unit moves around the Stockport area staying at each site for a few months as indicated in the list of screening locations below. You will normally be invited to a location within the area of your GP’s surgery. If your invitation is not at a convenient location then please let us know and we can arrange an appointment to any convenient location where we are currently screening. Just complete the change your appointment form and we will rearrange it for you.

If you have difficulty with steps or have a disability which makes accessing the mobile van difficult - please let us know or contact the Screening Office so that we can arrange for your mammograms (x-ray) to be taken at a more suitable location with appropriate facilities to suit your needs.


About breast screening

What is breast screening?Breast Screening (Mammography) is an x-ray examination of the breasts and is a method of finding breast cancer at a very early stage.
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Where do we screen?

Where do we screen Screening takes place at a number of convenient places across Stockport and East Cheshire. Find out where we screen

Step-by-Step Guide

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Be breast aware

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